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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good time to Buy in McCall?

Properties are like snowflakes; there are not two alike. If you find the right property that is in your price range, than why not buy it? Yes, it could come down in price but it could also be sold the next time you come back. Memories are waiting to be created!


 How do I find a good lender or program that will fit my needs?

There are many great lenders both locally and state wide that I have worked with over the years and I am happy to get you appointments with one of them. You do not need to work with a lender in McCall, but you do want to make sure your lender is licensed to practice in Idaho.

Why do I need Title insurance?

When you buy a home, or any property for that matter, you expect to enjoy certain benefits from ownership. For example, you expect to be able to occupy and use the property as you wish, to be free from debts or obligations not created or agreed to by you, and to be able to freely sell or pledge your property as security for a loan. Title insurance is designed to cover these rights you bargain for.

What can I expect when I meet with Cory and Jim for the first time?

When you decide it is time to look for property in McCall Idaho with a Realtor, we would be so excited that  have chosen us to help you with this journey. we are not a high pressure sales people but we do take our jobs seriously and are committed to finding you the right property. We may spend several minutes or hours discussing your interests for property even prior to getting into the car. By listening and knowing the market place, We hope to narrow your search quickly and efficiently.


Why do I need a home inspection or clue report?

Buying a home can be one of the biggest investments you make, it is important that you know as much about that home as possible before close. When you hire a professional home inspector you are protecting your best interests. Requesting a home inspection within a reason time frame should not weaken your offer. We can always go back and renegotiate after the home inspection, if necessary.

Can my Realtor represent both sides of the transaction?

Absolutely, we have what is known as dual agency representation and it is important to understand who represents who in the very beginning. When we are your listing agent, we may like to bring a Buyer that we have been working with through your home. If that Buyer is working with me as their agent and decide to write up an offer, then we have just entered into a dual agency agreement. If you prefer your Realtor to work only for you, than it is important that you express during our listing agreement paperwork. As your Realtor, we have the ability to work with both parties in a non-conflicting way; please feel free to call or email us anytime for an explanation of the benefits of clients/customer relationships.

Have more question? Call Jim 208-630-3319 or Cory 208-630-3282 Email